Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Copy Cat KFC Chicken

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

   I have been a tad behind the last week. First I had a full camera roll and had to take the time to dump roughly 4 million photos onto the computer. Then when I did, I realized all my pics I wanted for the blog this week are now on the computer downstairs. No biggie, you'll just have to wait for the recipes I promised last time! And they are worth the wait!

   Secondly, I was out at a Ladies Night Gala, here in town. I am old and it nearly killed me. It was a great time and we all had a blast. But man, I can not do 'er up like the old days! 4 days later and I think I may still be hungover and am paralyzed from dancing for 6 straight hours. That counts as cardio, right?? I'll take it.

   Back into routine and cooking this week as always. It was 15% Tuesday at Safeway today, and I swear it takes years off my life. It takes almost as long to pay as it does for me to go through the whole store shopping. By the time I'm paying I'm borderline having a Tourette's attack and I want to scream obscenity at the lady. Like seriously, could you go any slower?? I swear they do it on purpose to torture people for daring to come in on the sale day! BUT!! I shop like it's my job and I saved over $100, so I will continue to go to the sale day. That's a lot of extra food for a family of 4 when you save $100. Considering my boys will eat that in meat in a week. Haha! :)

  In case you didn't know, it's also a discount day at Heritage Foods and at Mark's Market as well. Both offering the 15% discount. Have you ever been to Mark's Market? It's just downtown beside the Brooks Hotel, across form the Post Office. He offers some great products, especially gluten free things. My fav is all the local honey they offer. Tons of flavors and selection. They will also order things in for you if you're looking for a certain item. Check it out! Well worth it. Always a good feeling to support local business and good customer service.


   Ok  now, let's talk chicken here. Who doesn't love KFC? We used to have one here in town, but it burned down a few years ago and it doesn't seem they are rebuilding it. A good thing I'm sure....but once upon a hangover, a gal might like some fries and gravy....am I wrong?
Obviously KFC isn't the type of food I am endorsing here, but it is good once in a while isn't it? Not that anyone has parents would make you stop in Strathmore to bring them back a bucket of chicken and fries and gravy, or anything like that. Ahemmm...Rod and Nadine Hudson. Moving on...................

   This copy-cat recipe is so good, and super versatile. I've used all cuts of chicken for this, just make sure to adjust the cooking times. Kids love these. Husbands love these. And so will your ass, because it won't have the 30,000 calories of actual KFC jiggling on top of it. Make it!!! GO!!!!

Copy-cat KFC Chicken
**remember to leave yourself at least a half hour to soak the chicken in milk

You need:
2-4 chicken breasts, cut into tenders
milk of choice (I used whole 2%)

1 cup flour (of your choice, I used regular for this)
1 TBSP seasoning salt
1 TBSP paprika
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp onion powder

pre heat oven to 375
Once chicken is trimmed into tenders, place in a large bowl and cover with milk. Just enough to cover, you don't need a giant pool party happening. Cover and put in the fridge for a half hour to an hour.

Using a lg zip loc bag or bowl, combine all the spices and the flour. Shake or cover to make sure all chicken is coated evenly. While this is happening, take a large glass baking dish (use 2 if needed, you don't wan't them crowded in there) and place a few pads of butter around the pan. Place in the oven until butter is melted an pan is heated, a few minutes.

Remove from oven and add in your coated chicken, so none are really touching too closely. You just need room to flip and for the butter to circulate evenly.

Once they are in, add a few more dabs of butter amongst the chicken. The point is to not let the pan get dry or you'll lose your coating and get soggy on the bottoms.
Cook for about 15 minutes, then carefully flip them one at a time. Add more butter to any spots around the pan that look dry. We're not talking pounds of butter here, just tiny dabs. Cook another 15-20 minutes or until done. Because they are cut into smaller pieces, they shouldn't be much longer than that.
We had them with the cauliflower patties I have posted previously and some raw carrots. Let me tell you, these are almost better the next day. I always make so much so I can have leftovers for a few days! Makes a great salad. Enjoy! And enjoy continuing to avoid wearing elastic waistband pants because you didn't have the real KFC! :)

original recipe pingback to "thewondertwins.blogspot"


  1. This looks delish! I will be trying it out very soon!

  2. Thanks, Lyndsay! It is so, so good! Let me know what you think!