Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Burgers with Baked Garlic Mushrooms

Happy weekend!!

   Well, this is for sure the final countdown to Christmas! 4 more sleeps and counting! My kids are all over the map. Sleeping schedules are off and they are hyper and giddy! Love how excited my four year old is, he's so desperate for a Nerf gun he'd do anything at this point!

   How has your eating been? Been to any parties with tempting treats? Friday is always my "cheat"day. I don't do much for cooking, and we usually eat out or Shane brings home takeout. I try to keep my treat to dinner only, or else it gets carried away quickly! A few days ago my gramma brought over a little Tupperware container of nuts and bolts. Basically like crack for me. I have a dirty love affair with those and have since I was a kid! I put them away and tried to forget about them. They called me and dirty talked me for 2 days! Finally yesterday morning the kids and I stayed in bed and watched Flintstones Christmas, and ate nuts and bolts. For breakfast. Don't look at me like that! I can feel the judgement! It was so good, and the kids loved it! Sometimes you just have fun, and move on! To me, the important part is the "moving on". Don't let it turn into a giant gong show, where all of a sudden you've plowed through 2 boxes of chocolates and a batch of shortbread. Mmmmmmmm......shortbread...........Anyways, you get the point!

   It was roughly -500 degrees yesterday, but I had no choice. I had to take the kids out to do errands. I know, fun like a kick to the head, right?? Luckily they were pretty good, and we made it out fairly unscathed. Although I don't recommend going to the grocery store unless you're looking to take a few years off your life! I sent Shane to Walmart and it gave me secret pleasure picturing him weaving in and out of people in there with Grey in tow! I don't know how people leave their shopping until the last few days. I can't stand going out in the lines and enjoying all the rage people have ! This gal is hopefully tucked in until Boxing Day!

   With all the busy days and nights we've had, I decided to do these burgers and mushrooms. They are fast, and require no prep. The mushrooms are easy and only take about 10 minutes. A good one when you're short on time or there is something super good on Ellen's 12 Days Of Giveaway's and you can't bare to leave the tv! :)

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Burgers:

You need:   (I made burgers using ground bison because I already had it out, but you can just use pre-made frozen patties if that's what you have) If using frozen, no need to thaw- bonus!!

4-6 frozen or homemade beef or turkey patties
1 can pineapple rings
bbq sauce to taste
8-10 slices of bacon, 2 per burger

pre heat oven to 375
line baking trays with tin foil to catch drips, and top with greased baking racks.
Take a pineapple ring for each burger and place on top. Wrap 2 pieces of bacon over the pineapple to make an X with the bacon, seam on the bottom. Wrap that up like baby Jesus on Christmas morning! Brush the burgers with bbq sauce, making sure to get the edges as they can dry out while baking.

Cook in the oven for about 30 minutes until desired "doneness" is reached. You need about 10-12 minutes for the mushrooms, so start them accordingly.

Garlic Mushrooms 
You Need:
1 container of fresh, white button mushrooms
2-3 tbsp olive or coconut oil
1/4 cup butter
3 cloves finely chopped garlic cloves
1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp fresh thyme or (.5 to 1 tbsp dried)
sea salt and black pepper to taste

Heat up a medium frying pan with the oil over med-high heat. Fry the mushrooms, cap side down for a minute or 2, not turning.

Put the fried 'shrooms in a greased baking dish, sticks up!

Melt the butter, and add the remaining ingredients to the buttery goodness. Spoon the mixture over each mushroom, and drizzle the rest evenly.
At this point, some people add breadcrumbs sprinkled lightly over top. I skipped this, as I find it doesn't do much and I'd rather save my grains for nuts and bolts, ha ha !!
Into the oven for 10 minutes, then set to broil for 2 min. Watch them, they are little and vulnerable and they will be on fire in no time!!

When burgers are done, plate them and give them a final little sauce up with the bbq sauce. Spoon your mushrooms on the top, or the side as a side dish. I put a slice of cheese on for the huzz when I put the broiler on.  Seriously. Yum and yum!!

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