Thursday, 8 May 2014

Strawberry Ice Cream


   It's Thursday! And it's sunny! Booooya! :)

   What have you been up too all week? Trying any new recipes? So happy to finally see the sunshine. Makes such a difference in a person's mood, hey? I thought today was a perfect day to share this ice cream recipe with you, since the weekend is supposed to be warm! Cut out all the artificial sugar and garbage and try this awesome, clean, natural ice cream! You will seriously not believe how good it is.

   If you have kids, you know the days that seem to be a hundred years long. My youngest has swimming at 9 am. For anyone that really knows me, knows that's basically the middle of the night for me! The kids and I aren't big early risers! As we are rushing through the locker room to get dressed, I put in the quarter and lock our locker. Ask me if the key came out. Nope. Stuff locked in, key stuck in the locker. Sigh. What a more practical outfit to be stranded in than ones bathing suit?? Awesome. After lessons, no one had bothered to go and look at it and now I was wet. And mad. I gave it a few mom-arm smashes and reefed the life out of it and finally got it out. Another super awesome sequence of events in a bathing suit, I might add.

   I tried to shake that little episode off as we drove home. I figured I deserved a coffee. After the longest Tim's line in recent history and Grey changing his mind about 378 times, I forgot to order my coffee. Sweet mother of Mary...what an awesome day so far, and only 10:30 in the morning!! My kids were happy, and they enjoyed their breakfast. Bonus there. I managed to wolf down some cheese and a turkey stick that I'm pretty sure one of my kids had already chewed. Whatevs. I'm just glad to be out of my bathing suit. :)

   One quick, interesting tidbit before we batch up this ice cream. One fitness article I was reading was talking about jumping jacks and how you can torch calories easily by adding them to your daily routine. It said you can burn a pound a week by doing 10 sets of 100 jacks. Now, don't go banging all 1000 of these out at once and call me from the ER when you recover from your stroke. I think if you add roughly 100 a day, not even at once, you'd be solid! I did 100 today with my workout, in sets of 20. You could even do them randomly during the day (I don't recommend Safeway as a start) not even as part of an official workout. Although that doesn't work for me because I need to cram on about 12 bras to do them, so I need to be dressed accordingly. :))

Let's do this.....

 ** will need at least a day for this one because the coconut milk needs at least 24 hours in the fridge. Buy your can, put it in the fridge without shaking it around in there, and leave it.

Strawberry Ice Cream:
You need:

1 can coconut milk, refrigerate at least 24 hours
1/3 cup honey
1.5 cups chopped strawberries (not frozen)
ice cube trays (or something similar)

Remove your can of coconut milk form the fridge, without shaking it around. Open and scoop out all the glorious cream that has formed on top. Roughly 3/4 the can. (Save the remaining water for a smoothie!)

Add the cream, strawberries and honey to the food processor. Blend until mixed and no big pieces of berry remain.

Pour into the ice cube trays. I usually get about 2 trays worth. If I have leftovers my kids just drink it! :)

Put the trays into the freezer and leave until completely frozen. I do it in the morning then we have it after supper for dessert.
Once frozen, pop out the "cubes" back into your food processor and simply process until creamy! Scraping the sides occasionally. It won't take too long,a minute or so. If you go too long it will be less like ice cream and thinner. Still yum, but not the thick texture you're looking for!

If it looks crumbly like this, just a little bit longer!

 Serve immediately!

And that's it, you're done! How easy is that, right?? We've added a frozen banana before, could do anything! Try just the berries first, until you get the hang of how you like it! Kid approved allllllllllll the way!!! Now get out in the yard and love the crap outta this, and the weekend forecast!

Enjoy! :))

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