Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bison Burgers and Roasted Cabbage Rounds

Hello, everyone! I decided I will start making the title of each post the recipe that I'm sharing. That way it's easier to look back for certain recipes. You're welcome.

   When you have a busy week, are you tempted to slack on the cooking? It's easier to grab something on the go, or resort to a questionable packaged item that came from god knows where. I am guilty of this, and the only way I keep from doing it is to be organised and prepare ahead of time. My husband always laughs at me because I'm constantly asking him a day or two in advance what he wants for dinner. Then he tells me and I make what I want anyways. But, it makes him feel good to pretend to be involved! Just kidding, but not really.

   After my shopping trip, I have a few things that I always do, to stay ahead of the game. I always pre-cut my cauliflower and keep it in a ziploc bag. It's a pain in the wazoo to cut and can be crumbly. So it's nice to have it ready to go. I usually cut up 2 heads at a time, and that fills a freezer bag. I generally always have a big-ass green salad for lunch, post workout. I have all my lettuce and veggies cut up and ready. Then I add whatever meat we have leftover, and I'm good to go. I roast cashews and almonds together with sea salt and lime once weekly. Hard boil eggs. No excuses.

  When I'm hungry, I fall apart. As soon as my blood sugar falls, and I'm past the point of normal, I am a picker. Picking at things and then I fall into the "double dinner" syndrome I mentioned last night. I had to learn how to not let the things in life that keep us busy be an excuse. One night turns to a few, and so on. Try to take a day, or evening, or whatever and stock up a bit. If you're making banana bread, make 3. Make a huge batch of soup and freeze an extra container. Things like those, plus sauces and stocks are simple to double or triple. You're doing it anyways, so make it count and enter yourself in for the mother of the year award. You'll be glad you did.

    My son had an event at his school tonight, and we were scheduled for 5:30. Not the best time in terms of supper. So, it was an easy one tonight. Easy doesn't have to mean crappy. Be prepared and stay strong! Coming from someone who drank their calories for a week straight. The result isn't pretty, and there was not enough butter in the world to help me into my skinny jeans this morning. Nothing a few deep lunges won't stretch out! :)
   I still had some of the bison patties from a while back. So I tossed those on a baking rack and onto a tray.

Roasted Cabbage Rounds:

You need:

1 head green cabbage
2 tbsp coconut or olive oil (if using coconut melt in the microwave until liquid)
sea salt to taste
black pepper to taste
few pinches of garlic salt
few pinches of chili powder

pre-heat oven to 375
Using a sharp knife, cut the core off the bottom of the cabbage. Keep cutting as many rounds as you need. I usually just do the whole thing, unless you have a Jesus sized one, then it's up to you! Place your rounds on a baking tray lined with, what else, parchment paper. It's the crack of my cooking world. I couldn't live with out it ! Liberally brush each round with your chosen oil, so the whole top side is happy. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and chili. I'm sure it's clear, but you can obviously use whatever spices you like.

I put both those and the burgers in the oven at the same time, and cooked them about 35 minutes. The outer edges of the cabbage will darken and might look burnt. Don't slam on the panic button. That's how you want them, and it's perfect that way! I would say 45 minutes on the cabbage should be plenty, unless you are a freak and like things cooked in the style that usually makes people think they're about to have a seizure. You follow? Nobody likes burnt toast! 

I just sauteed some onion and mushrooms to dress the burgers up a bit for the party, and added a bit of cheese to please the troops. Introduce your burger to your cabbage- get that burger allllll up in that cabbages business, and voila. Love at first sight. Enjoy ! 

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