Sunday, 3 November 2013

Paleo Jalapeno Poppers

Hi , everyone ! How was your weekend ?

    What snowy , miserable road conditions we had , here in Alberta! We were away in Calgary this weekend , for a birthday party our son was invited to. 7 year olds , bowling and hot dogs! Needless to say , my diet suffered a bit this last 24 hours !

   All was good until I got my over-hyper and very busy kids to bed. Mama decided to partake in a little wine. Which was then a lot of wine. And then, my girlfriend Jody and I found ourselves hunched over a bowl of Halloween candy that was roughly the size of a country. Did I mention it was midnight? Ugh. No good !!! Wrappers everywhere. It was total carnage. There were hardly any survivors. Not even an hour later, I was sicker than a dog. A dog that had just been let loose on a sugar buffet. Nobody enjoys throwing up . And it reminded me why I gave that sort of food up in the first place. We all need a little reminder once in a while, right?

   So , trying to get back in my zone today . Not easy after such carnage !! The light at the end of my 'sugar-binge' tunnel , is that I start my new aerobics boot camp in the morning. Step away from the "incident" and carry on ! Why look back , we're not going that way , right ?

   When we finally got home from Calgary , I was pressed to make something healthy , and fast. Long day + daylight savings makes a cranky family. I had ordered some free-range bison products from a local fundraiser a few weeks ago , and they showed up at the door shortly after we did. So I cooked some of the patties on cooking racks in the oven , and made up some homemade jalapeno poppers , as our side. Did the trick and got me some actual nutrition that wasn't in a tiny little wrapper.

   I'm holding out on my weekly shop until Tuesday , as it's good 'ol 15% off day at Safeway and Heritage Foods. Tomorrow night's dinner will be a game-time decision. I'll see what needs to go the soonest ! I'm thinking brussel sprouts for sure, then I'll figure out the rest, if I make it home alive from the gym.

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Tip of the day :  If you're looking for some good quality , affordable workout clothes, ones that don't look like Richard Simmons should be modeling them , try Old Navy ! I have scored some awesome tops and shorts there , for under $20. Today they had some really cute , lightweight tops and sweaters , all on sale. Perfect. If I drop dead at aerobics tomorrow , at least I'll be my cutest ! :)

 Have a great Monday , everyone ! ( jalapeno poppers recipe to follow.....)

Jalapeno Poppers


4-6 green peppers (medium sized)
1 container soft goat cheese (herb or plain , personal taste)
4-6 slices of prosciutto , sliced  in half diagonally

Cut the top off the peppers to remove stem and then in half , lengthwise. *(I wear gloves to do this , I really react to the peppers , and once the burning starts , there's no stopping it !!) Cut out the seeds and ribbing and rinse the peppers with cool water. Pat dry with paper towel.

 Using a small spoon or butter knife , spread the goat cheese to cover the inside of each pepper half. The amount of cheese you use on each is entirely up to you. Creme cheese could easily be subbed.

Cut each piece of prosciutto in half , on the diagonal. Wrap a piece around the pepper, trying to ensure the seam is on the bottom. ( tends to keep it together better , but not life or death). Place on a parchment lined baking tray. Bake at 400 , for 20-25 min , until your prosciutto is crisped , and cheese is heated through.

This is the particular brand of goat cheese that I had on hand today. Let me know if you have a favourite !

And , there we have it. The free-range bison patty I mentioned above , a romaine heart to "bun it " , some diced cuc's , and a bit of organic ketchup. Healthy , filling and not from Jody's ' dirty little secret' Halloween bowl !! Don't get me wrong , I love a good treat , but we took this one a little too far ! In fact , my husband was so shocked to see our wrapper graveyard , I think he may have a potential intervention staged for me! What's life without one...... or 48 Oh Henry's , right ????

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