Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dry Rubbed Ribs and Cauliflower "Rice"

How's that for a title, hey ? Sadly, it may not be what you were hoping for! My recipe today is a double whammie, dry rubbed ribs and cauli rice. The ribs were a new one and the "rice" is something we have some kind of version of, at least once weekly.

   Do you have a certain habit or tendency that you need to cut out? I was thinking about this tonight as I was cooking dinner. I saw another blogger writing about "double dinner syndrome". It makes total sense. Especially to those with small kids, or who are the main chef in the house. In a nut shell, it means that while you're cooking, you sample, nibble and lick your way through. Adding up to enough calories to equal your meal , before you've even eaten ! It can be done pretty unconsciously. Then you sit down to eat (again) and-BOOM ! Double dinner syndrome. I am for sure guilty of this sometimes.  Sound familiar? I will be more aware, and cut that out!

   I've managed to get my mind back to my focused zone, for the most part. It's amazing how quickly you can fall off the wagon, and how you automatically feel like crap on a stick. I'm back down to within 2 pounds of my weight before we left to Mexico. I hold water in like a camel on death row. Always have. I've learned not panic at the scale, as I know after a few good workout days and roughly 10,000 liters of water, I'll be back on track. One major thing I had to learn was that after a slip, not to let it all go to hell in a hand basket. One day turns to a few, then a week, and so on. Take the power and stop it! If you're not happy, don't rely on someone else to help you, DO IT! With me to help you, of course. :)

   For the cauli rice, I strongly recommend using a food processor to "rice" the cauliflower. I have seen recipes say to try a cheese grater, but to me that screams grated knuckles and broken dreams. Don't go there. A word of caution, if you don't already know. Cauliflower stinks. Like someone has crapped themselves a week ago. The less fresh it is, the worse off you are. Don't throw any leftovers away and keep that garbage around, you'll regret it! But, the bonus is that it tastes awesome. And is a very healthy substitute to rice or a high-carb side dish. Did I mention filling? Carry on......

Husband-pleasing dinner : Dry rubbed pork side ribs and cauliflower rice...... 

Ribs - you need:

2 full racks of pork side or back ribs (about 3-4 pounds)
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp paprika
1 tbsp chili powder
2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp sea salt
2 tsp cayenne (or to taste)
add all spices to a small bowl and mix to combine.

Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees
I like to cut the ribs into about 3-bone sections.
place tin foil to cover a baking tray. Place greased baking racks on top of your tray. This allows the heat to circulate, and cook evenly. No flipping required.
Then, basically just give your ribs a nice, sensual massage with the spice blend. Both sides, don't be cheap. Place on the racks and into the oven, for 2.5 - 2 hours 45. Depending how crispy you like them. I did close to 3 hours, and the outside was just a tad crunchy for us, 2 hours 45m would be perfect.

Cauliflower "rice" :

You need :

Aprox. 1 medium head of cauliflower, stems removed cut into florets.
1-2 cups organic chicken or beef stock
1/2 a white onion diced
1/2 cup organic corn (optional)
1/2 cup organic peas (optional)

Once your cauli is cut into florets, attach the "ricing" blade to the food processor.

Turn it on and add in all the cauliflower. Once it's all riced, use a wooden spoon and scrape down the sides until it's combined. 

Grease a large, deep frying pan with a tbsp butter or coconut oil. Warm to med-high heat. Add your broth. You don't want it swimming. Just enough to stir in and simmer with. If you have too much liquid that's not cooking off, just drain a bit away.

At this point, you can add any spices or veggies you like. I did the peas and corn, with the diced onion. Then black pepper, sea salt and a pinch of oregano. 
Cook, stirring often for 15-20 minutes. You basically just go for the texture / consistency you want. I have made it enough to know how long it takes. You'll get to know how you like it. I added a bit of Bragg's gluten free soy sauce to it, and a bit more pepper to serve. Easy, healthy and a hit !! Make it your own and add whatever your family enjoys !

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