Friday, 1 November 2013

Hello everyone !! How exciting , my first post !!
 Hope everyone had a good Halloween ! Did you eat the weight of a small toddler, in candy ? Or do you totally refrain  ? I did pretty good , although today I did pick through and pick out a few gooders ! I read a good article a while ago , and it really made sense to me last night. It talks about how when you "forbid" yourself certain foods , or label things as "I can't have that" , it really adds to the lure of those foods. If you simply give yourself permission to eat anything , the draw goes away . the fun and temptation is gone. Now , not saying you should cram everything in sight into your mouth , just because mama says its ok !! But, I didn't think about the tiny , sweet , succulent Kit Kat that was dirty talking me from my Halloween bowl. I told myself it wasn't worth it ! Pick some of the good stuff , and carry on ! I'm also going to a wedding in Mexico in 2 weeks , so the thought of having to cram into a fat suit , ahem , bathing suit , is keeping me in line !

My plan for the blog is to share my dinner ideas as often as I can , and to share some ideas and tips that help me every day. I hope this will be a place that we can all share and get ideas. This way I won't have to continue to text 289 people a day with pictures , saying  "did I send you this one yet?" Once I get a few recipes on , I have it set up (I think , lol) in categories so it will be easy to search back for recipes. Scrolling down ? Ain't nobody got time for dat .

   After having Kort in August , 2012 , I was the heaviest I'd ever been . I was totally miserable. I have tried every other diet type idea out there. Lost weight , but always found it ! I knew I had to do something totally different. I spent the month of January reading and researching for hours after my darling children were in bed. A few friends were already following the Paleo lifestyle , and I was interested. I literally changed everything. How I shopped , how I cooked , how we ate. And it worked. And we loved it ! In the beginning, it was a lot of work . I was building up my stock and filling the freezer. But now , its like nothing.I usually shop on the weekend , and take one day (usually Monday , Grey has no school that day) and prep as much as I can. wash and chop salad and veggies , make sauce , whatever I need for the week. I don't usually plan specific meals for each day in advance , but I do make my list and shop for about 10-15 meals at a time. Then I have everything on hand and don't have to run out . I'm about 10 months out , and I've lost just under 80 pounds , and my husband over 40 ! We are so much happier. We don't crave crappy foods , we are always satisfied and feel so much better. 

   When I mentioned in my bio that we are about 80% , this is what I mean...... We still choose to have some dairy. My kids eat what we eat , sometimes modified . Kort is in an "eat anything" stage. Grey can be a tough customer , and is a typical 4 year old boy. As in , if it looks weird- safest to just poke the crap out of it instead. He's a work in progress !  :)  We still have some grains , legumes and treats. I'm not perfect. I'm not running 'Little House On The Prairie' over here , churning my own butter and shit !! I just do the best that I, when I can! That's the goal , right ? Oh , I should mention I won't give up my coffee creamer . Who wants to do that , anyways ? We gotta live a little !!

   I'm going to try and add my first recipe idea now , so if it doesn't show up , be patient ! Luckily , I have a tech-dork as a huzz , so it'll get ironed out !! Thanks for reading , hope everyone can come away with something they can adapt to their own family !

   Tip of the day : Try substituting Organic Coconut Sugar in place of regular brown sugar. The ratio for substitution is 1:1 , but you may find you need a bit less of the coconut sugar.It's a natural sweetener , meaning it's not refined at all.It's unbleached , and has no preservatives. It also has a low glycemic index , so it won't send your blood sugar on a rocket ship ride. Costco has the good stuff , and it's worth it ! A bag will last you a long time , and goes for about $14.99ish for 2kg.

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